Shelby Kittle

Shelby is a first-year Master student with specialization in honey bees at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska.  With a B.S. in Applied Science with focus in informal teaching/extension University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska.  She is the sole proprietor of Shel-Bees Honey and Products.  Her Master’s research proposal contains two components that aim to better understand the role management plays on bee health and to identify practices that may mitigate negative impacts from these stressors.  Despite these concerns, beekeepers continue to reuse old combs year after year, potentially increasing the amount of in-hive pesticide residues and diseases.  The purity of beeswax plays a crucial role on colony health because eggs, immature larvae stages, and food stores are all housed in the wax and both adult and immature larvae stages may become exposed through contact and or oral consumption of contaminated comb, beebread, and jelly.

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